SMS Marketing

Positioning your advertising message directly into the hands of potential customers with Bulk SMS Marketing.

Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing is now Simple, Easy and Profitable

Why SMS Marketing?

As text messaging (SMS) is taking vital place in mainstream communication and reaching customers via SMS marketing Dubai has become important strategy for businesses. This medium of marketing is the ideal way to sway your customers quickly and inexpensively. SMS advertising campaign take your brand right into your customers’ pocket, so bulk SMS marketing campaign is becoming a viable and direct method of marketing.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize ROI – SMS marketing in the UAE is great value for the investment.
  • Get in touch with your audience and build valuable relationships with your customers, no matter where they are.
  • Drive more sales with bulk SMS UAE coupons, promotional SMS games, quiz, etc.
  • Perform in depth analysis of your SMS campaigns’ performance.

Gulf e-marketing made it simple & informal to spread your advertising message from your PC to anyplace in the world by using Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai at an economically price to increase revenue and engage with your customers.

How you can use Bulk SMS in Dubai and Gulf

  • Announce product launch
  • Send promotional offers
  • Send greetings
  • Send alerts
  • Send notifications
  • Send reminders to client
  • Pooling/survey
  • Discount Code distribution & much more…



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