Email Marketing

Since the dawn of online marketing, emails have played a massive role in connecting with customers and other businesses every day. And in some form or another, we all have dabbled with email marketing, whether it was effective or not. Email marketing, because of its cost-effectiveness and large-scale use, benefits all business types, B2B, B2C, startups, small businesses, corporations, you name it. We all need emails to function. Others need it more than others, and there we can find the opportunity of using email marketing as a channel for growth.

Something so common and daily can be beneficial when used correctly, making emails a necessary marketing tool.

What is Email Marketing?

Every email sent by a business is technically email marketing. Nowadays, with modern platforms, analytics, targeted audiences, personalization, and many other features and benefits of email marketing, make it a complete strategy and marketing channel instead of just sending emails.

And as a channel and strategy, the way we combine emails into our overarching marketing strategies makes all the difference in creating email marketing into a viable option to grow our business cost-effectively, while listening to our target audiences.

Email Marketing Costs

By itself, email marketing is a low-cost and cost-effective marketing strategy.

What do you need for an email marketing campaign?

In a nutshell, you’ll need some copy, some images, the tools running your email campaigns, which most companies are capable of doing if they’re creating content on their websites anyway, thus lowering the resources needed.


Technically you can re-engage with the same audience you gained earlier multiple times and keep your leads on a loop, which you can use to any of your goals, whether sales or visitors on a website. 

Even passive ad campaigns that you use to sell something specific, email campaigns can increase the ROI for these campaigns if you’ve been properly collecting emails as a secondary goal.

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