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Drive beyond traditional personalization to transform email campaigns from a distinct elastic content hub.

Email is still the most effective channel for marketing campaign implementation

80% to 90% of online users open their emails daily. More recently report shows that over 70% of respondents believe that using email as marketing channel offered an ‘excellent’ return on marketing effort, which nearly double that of Traditional Marketing.

Gulf E-Marketing provides everything you need to make your email marketing in Dubai fast and effective.

Our unique, emarketing content management system (CMS) empowers creation of personalized email marketing campaign content that can re-used without the need of new formats and without any HTML knowledge. More and more companies are investing more in e-mail marketing, by sending huge amount of emails to capture more and more customers, the subsequent increase in email means that a large percentage are trapped in spam, or even intuitively deleted by recipients and by keeping this in mind we have developed out marketing platform for successful email delivery.

Detailed research and analysis show how users interact with received emails, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your email reaches to the inbox of your customers so you can achieve ultimate online marketing goals.

What is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is the marketing of a service, brand, or product by means of electronic mail. It can be used to develop the relationship between a company and its clients or to fetch potential clients. However, one needs to have email addresses of potential clients, which is only possible if you consider paying for Email marketing solutions. Most of the businesses and companies contact email marketing solutions to get new customers or to generate more sales, which is actually a huge benefit of using Email marketing as a marketing method.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing in Dubai


Clients do business with companies or brands they know, trust, and like. Email marketing offers you the caliber to build a reliability and credibility with your clients by sharing useful, informative, and helpful content.


There are many marketing methods, but email marketing is the only way to strengthen relationships because it is the best way to communicate formally with the people who matter most to your company or to your business. Electronic mail has the power to engage people with business; people think that you care for them and they feel included as well.


If you are not using email marketing, then you are not marketing your brand appropriately because email marketing gives you new clients and extend your reach when individuals share or forward your message with their relatives or friends. Therefore, email marketing is very essential for building your brand.


When you have people who are interested in reading your updates via emails, you will naturally be able to think broadly about how to generate more revenue or increase sales throughout the season. You might have seen many fashion brands fascinate potential clients through emails; this is what they do to increase sales.


How can you look professional without any strong means of communication? One can easily use Formal email templates to look extremely professional and dedicated in front of his clients. Obviously, you need to include your unique content, but the email will offer a professional vibe to the clients. Do not forget to customize your email templates with your very own signature or logo.


One of the main reasons for implementing any marketing strategy is to boost website traffic, and email marketing method is the most ideal method to do this. You can insert backlinks in your emails so that it can fetch the customers. Note: Excessive backlinks may rankle the potential clients, or mark your email as spam by default.

Social Email Marketing Features

Gulf e-marketing not working with traditional email marketing campaigns, we are deploying best practice social email marketing campaigns by reducing the gap between social media and email marketing campaign so that customer can get desired results more effectively. Social email marketing upsurges the engagement of the users and links them to social media to help them involve with your brand/product on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to like and share your services/products with other users.




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