Social Media Marketing

Social Media has a wondrous ability to keep the audience informed of all company updates in almost no time at all. Social networks easily sort people by their interests, hobbies, likenesses, and businesses, making it easy for companies to define and reach their potential customers.

These capabilities are only efficient when handled by a competent online marketing agency, and GEM is one of the pioneers in Social Media Management and Marketing with well-established relationships with organizations all across the UAE, GCC and the Middle East.

Our company manages social media networks on your behalf, our services extend to all platforms of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat.

We make sure your online profiles are:

  • Continuously updated with daily posts with custom content creation.
  • Making professional engagement with viewers, reviewers, fans, and inquisitors.
  • Improving in search result ranking with hashtag and keyword optimization.
  • Growing in followers

Read further to find out more about Why social media is a gold mine for marketing? What can GEM do to your social media marketing needs? And Why choose GEM’s Social Media Marketing Services?

Contact us and allow our Social media marketing service to expand the reach of your brand, engage with your current and potential clients, exchange conversations, and monitor trends while channeling all of it towards good publicity and positive reviews.

The tides of the Social Media hit the marketing domain heavily. Soon after, Social Media usage spread like wildfire, business leaders noticed that this virtual gathering of people can be an environment ripe for marketing, buying, and selling. Therefore, a marketing domain called Social Media Management was born.
Social media has arguably become the most effective e-marketing strategy for raising brand awareness due to its wondrous ability to keep the audience informed with all company updates in almost no time at all.

Why is social media a gold mine for marketing?

Let’s break down the facts; studies found that ~70% of consumers are more inclined to purchase something if they heard about via the social media, and this is not sorcery, there is a logic behind this behavior.

Nowadays, ads are everywhere, and this increase in the number of ads has caused a decrease in their credibility, and people stopped accepting them as given facts, we’ve become immune! This gap of trust was filled by testimonials, reviews, and opinions. The opinions of the community that has used the products became the new source of trust, and the new type of ads.

Do you know a place more crowded with reviews and recommendations than the social media? All that remains is to benefit from the organized spread of positive reviews, and you’ll extinguish any doubts about the quality of your brand.

GEM Agency social media management service plans and manages result-oriented social media campaigns for businesses of all types and sizes. Our company manages social media networks on your behalf. We use our expertly developed social media marketing strategies to help the growth of business. Our services extend to all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat.

Entrust GEM with your social network accounts and rest assured that the accounts are:

  • Continuously updated with daily posts with custom content creation that covers the ups and downs of the domain, and all sorts of interests to targeted viewers.
  • Making professional engagement with viewers, reviewers, fans, and inquisitors.
  • Improve the account’s ranking in search results with hashtag and keyword optimization.
  • Ensure followers growth and new customers reached through long-term social media campaigns.

With Social Media Optimization, we make sure that your website becomes compatible with elite sites and blogs and becomes visible to the web community.

GEM takes the power of social media and puts it in your hands, we give life to your online assets, expand the reach of your brand, engage with your current and potential clients, exchange conversations, and monitor trends, while channeling all of it towards good publicity and positive reviews. Watching GEM’s team in action will give you a view on how the old traditional word of mouth marketing can be made use of via the modern social media domain.

Because it’s not a piece of cake, while using a social network is easy to anyone, Social Media Marketing is challenging to manage because the number of social networks is already huge and increasing by the day, with huge variances among them. Social Media Management must be conducted by professionals that understand the purpose, audience category, and methods of participation for each and every social network out there:

Facebook Marketing & Management

It’s not enough to have a Facebook business page, the existence of a Facebook page that is idle and not constantly updated can cause negative publicity and turn your viewers against you. To get the same outcome you have in mind the Facebook account must be managed by Social Media specialists with experience in exploiting all aspects of Facebook to ensure your Facebook presence is effective in delivering you to your marketing goals. Facebook can be the hub and the center of attention that raises awareness towards your brand, increase traffic to your websites, and predict the flow of the market by monitoring trends and competition, which ultimately generate new customers and more sales.

Instagram Management

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Human memory is more susceptible to images than texts; thus, what we see tends to stick in our memories more than what we read. This is why our Social Media Marketing services include Instagram, with a team of creative out-of-the-box thinkers who can create original and vivid visual content that aims to animate your brand/company in a scheduled marketing plan with routine performance reports.

Twitter Management

For the last decade, Twitter has given and will continue to give voice to brands/companies. With effective twitter management, your voice can rise higher than all competitors’, and acquire a bigger sector of listeners. Focus on your business and allow GEM to handle your Twitter accounts. Through extensive research, we can help you find your voice, give you a distinctive tone, and a high customer engagement level. Find your way through millions of tweets using expertly composed words that adhere to a clear marketing strategy to give you the benefit of the good old word-of-mouth publicity.

LinkedIn Management

Employers’ and employees’ favorite portal to the world of business. Allow GEM to arrange your LinkedIn connections with potential partners, employers, employees, and decision-makers worldwide. Increase business’ credibility and move forward in ranking. Our team of experts can create an inclusive LinkedIn company/business page with a professional business profile that is constantly updated to match any change in circumstances.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is the weapon you pull out when you want to market fast but loud, it is a platform that is best used to get the maximum results out of short-term marketing campaigns. GEM can implement Snapchat as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Attract customers through interactive marketing using features like the Snap Ads, the beloved Geofilters, and the Sponsored Lens feature. Benefit from Snapchat’s ‘when and where’ features to customize your e-marketing campaign to your region, and ensure a successful campaign.

Social Media Campaigns

Launch a full Social Media Campaign with the aid of Gulf e-Marketing, and watch your company’s performance sky-rocket. Increase traffic and augment sales by letting our team of experts coordinate with your company to build a strategy, and enhance it with market lists, and data gathering about market and competitors. We gather feedback to uncover pain points and test our performance according to standardized key performance indicators.