Fax Marketing

Simplify the transmission of advertising messages to numerous individuals or firms from a single source.

Long before email was established, companies were using fax machines to send time sensitive data that couldn’t be delayed for the usual posting route. Soon, marketers started utilizing a fax broadcast as a way to knock into the business market.

Fax broadcasting/marketing is very effective means of digital advertising and collaborating to a specific target market. The fax marketing process is normally aligned using a 1 to many fax broadcast services, while consistency, maintenance, easiness of use, pricing and reporting are vital elements of a good fax broadcast service provider.

Gulf E-marketing offers an easy-to-use fax broadcast service and process that effectively delivers marketing campaigns every year at reasonable prices for organizations and individuals around Middle East. Fax broadcasts simplify the transmission of information or advertising messages to numerous individuals or firms from a single source. The rewards of this sort of fax advertising or communication include; cost, efficiency and better business practices


Proper fax marketing and communication can be executed simply, reliably and cost efficiently with the Gulf e-marketing fax marketing service. There is no need to get expensive cards, fax lines, computer servers or software. Fax marketing makes sure you reach the right audience with a personalized marketing message in hard copy. No lost or deleted emails, spam filters or altered addresses to discontinue your advertising message from getting through.




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